Top 5 Strangest Dance Crazes

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Any dance that gets even the wallflowers out on the floor can’t be entirely awful. Most dance crazes are a little off the wall, but some are so undeniably strange that their popularity is mind-boggling. These top five strangest dance crazes are ridiculously silly, downright dangerous—or they don’t technically involve dancing at all.
Top 5 Strangest Dance Crazes

2Harlem Shake

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Unless you dwell at the bottom of a hole in the center of the Earth, you’ve at least heard of the Harlem Shake, which involves a lone dancer bopping to a track by DJ Baauer. About 10 seconds into the song, the dancer is suddenly surrounded by a crowd of dancing people in elaborate costumes or props. The Harlem Shake is strange because it’s not done on a dance floor of any kind. It’s recorded in homes, at work, at school or wherever the notion takes you, and then broadcast online. The original Harlem Shake, which dates back to the '80s, was performed by Albert Boyce to entertain crowds at street ball games.

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