Top 5 Notorious Female Bank Robbers

Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
For some reason, being fascinated with bank robbers is almost as American as apple pie. Hollywood loves them, for sure. Who can forget the opening scene of “The Dark Knight,” the 2008 Batman movie that began with an extraordinary bank heist? Bank robberies are exciting, scary and just so wrong. Yet, you have to be clever and cunning to rob a bank successfully. And what could be more interesting than a female bank robber? What sort of woman would carry out such a macho endeavor?
Top 5 Notorious Female Bank Robbers

4Candice R. Martinez

You know how you sometimes hear half of a couple calling the other at the grocery store for some direction on which jar of marinara sauce to buy? Well, 19-year old Candice R. Martinez, a former bank employee, used that same method to ask her boyfriend the best way to rob and escape from banks while she was committing the acts. She would talk on her cell phone with her boyfriend, who was parked outside the bank. He would let her know when the coast was clear. The couple went on shopping sprees after robbing four banks in Northern Virginia in 2005, blowing their ill-gotten cash on a computer and printer, a digital camera, three Louis Vuitton purses and, what else, another cell phone.

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