Top 5 Most Inspirational Women of All Time

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Forget girl power. Being an inspiring woman is about more than just being a woman—a lot of people have already mastered that. It’s about breaking boundaries, pursuing challenges in the face of adversity, being a leader and proving naysayers wrong. While there were hundreds of awesome women throughout the ages—including your mom—a handful are considered cream of the crop.
Top 5 Most Inspirational Women of All Time

5Anne Frank

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Though her life was too short, Anne Frank showed the world that teens can be smart, wise and funny, inspiring young people around the world. Her diaries are among the few accounts of life in Amsterdam from the point of view of someone hiding from anti-Jewish persecution during World War II. She showed the world the real people behind the compelling and horrifying pictures of Holocaust victims, and serves as a warning about the devastation that can result from bigotry.

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