Top 5 Most Inspirational Women of All Time

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Forget girl power. Being an inspiring woman is about more than just being a woman—a lot of people have already mastered that. It’s about breaking boundaries, pursuing challenges in the face of adversity, being a leader and proving naysayers wrong. While there were hundreds of awesome women throughout the ages—including your mom—a handful are considered cream of the crop.
Top 5 Most Inspirational Women of All Time

2Lucille Ball

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More than just a funny lady with fiery red hair, Lucille Ball paved more paths than she ever imagined. She showed the world that a woman could have a leading role in Hollywood and be the owner of a successful company in a male-dominated landscape. Her TV character showed that a good wife doesn’t have to be perfect, and that she can use her wits to get out of trouble. Ball’s marriage to Desi Arnaz, a Latino, was a sign to the country that inter-ethnic marriages were acceptable at a time when some considered them taboo. She also showed women that they are allowed to get out of a marriage that’s hostile, and be a strong single mother at the same time.

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