Top 5 Marketing Tricks to Get Us to Buy Their Products

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Fifty years ago, marketing "tricks" meant taking out an advertisement during "I Love Lucy" and sitting back as the sales of the product skyrocketed. In today's competitive and complex marketplace, marketers must do more to gain the attention of their target market. A multifaceted approach is critical to marketing success, and while many tools and tricks can be used, here are five that marketers employ to stimulate product sales.
Top 5 Marketing Tricks to Get Us to Buy Their Products

4Product Placement
Still drawing primarily from Hollywood, companies pay big dollars to have their brands attached to trendy television shows and movies. In an era in which people use digital video recorders and skip past traditional commercials, product placement is important in keeping studios financially viable, and for marketers to obtain the attention of the viewers. The watershed moment for product placement was in Steven Spielberg's box-office hit "E.T.," which featured prominent placement of Reese's Pieces. After the movie opened, sales of the relatively new candy exploded and a market for product placement was born.

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