Top 5 Inventions That Make Life Easier

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The wheel is no doubt the greatest invention known to man. Loafs of bread cut into individual slices are up there on the list, too, but there have been plenty of “greatest things since” then. From ancient times to the Industrial Revolution and through the Internet Age, there have been many advances. It’s hard to narrow down which items benefit society the most, but here’s a look at five common inventions that truly make life easier for us.
Top 5 Inventions That Make Life Easier

1Microwave Oven

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The microwave oven put doggie bags on the map, and these energetic cubes perhaps fuel the take-out industry. And no longer does day-old pizza have to be eaten cold! In 1945 Percy Spencer, an employee of Raytheon, noticed a chocolate bar in his pocket melting after working on some radar technology. This messy episode led to a patent on a home-use microwave. The first ones were sold in 1955, but it wasn’t until 1967 that households had access to the countertop version we know today. Popcorn was the first item to be cooked in machine during the building phase, but for the most part, microwaves were first intended to reheat already-cooked foods. Today, snacks and meals are made specifically for this kitchen staple.Next >

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