Top 5 Funniest Media Blunders

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Newspapers, TV news shows and corporate social media feeds make mistakes every day. After all, media outlets are run by humans and humans make mistakes. Sometimes the gaffes and errors are so insanely egregious, however, that you can't help but laugh out loud. In some cases, the top blunders are more than just a laughing matter.
Top 5 Funniest Media Blunders

4Satellite Interview In Same Parking Lot

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To discuss a horrific kidnapping case in Cleveland, Ohio, CNN reporter Ashleigh Banfield conducted a live satellite interview with the queen of "if it bleeds it leads" news coverage, Nancy Grace of Headline News. Both anchors appeared side by side using a split screen. Oddly enough, the graphics indicated that both reporters were in the same city—Phoenix, Arizona—where a different criminal trial was taking place. Not only that, they were in the same parking lot only a few feet from each other. You could see the same cars passing by in the background behind each anchor, yet they pretended that that they were thousands of miles apart. Their actual proximity made the entire situation hilarious.

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