Top 5 1980s Fads

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I was minding my own business one fine day when I received that ubiquitous Facebook notice that someone had posted a picture of me. Uh-oh. Naturally, I dropped what I was doing to check it out. Oh great. An ancient '80s pic of me--with a perm. Picture a sneering Jerry Seinfeld saying "Newman." Well, that's how I said "Facebook." That old photo of me with a curly 'do made me cringe, but it also got me thinking about some other crazy 1980s fads.
Top 5 1980s Fads

4Parachute Pants

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You can credit early hip-hop artists and breakdancers for the parachute pants craze. Parachute pants were kind of the mullet of the pants world. Made of nylon and typically neon bright or adorned with crazy patterns, they were usually ultra baggy in the thigh and butt and tight at the ankles. Looking back, not a great look.

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