List of Demands: 5 Strange Celebrity Riders

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To be a successful musician you have to be a lot of things. You must be driven, talented, unique and hard working. Oh, and it also helps if you’re a little nuts. Beyoncé has, over the years, proven she is all of those things, and when her recent list of demands for her “Mrs. Carter Show” tour came out, she proved that he has just the right amount of crazy too.

The tour rider was made famous by Van Halen, whose notorious list of demands included a large bowl of M&M’s with all of the brown ones picked out (supposedly only to test whether people were really reading it). Beyoncé’s latest rider joined the pantheon of strange celeb demands when she decided to include $900 titanium straws for her drinking water, and red toilet paper (does that even exist?). She’s not the only one with odd requests though.
List of Demands: 5 Strange Celebrity Riders


Imagine the worst nightmare you’ve ever had. Now imagine walking into a large room inhabited only by Cher’s hair. Worse, right? That nightmare became reality when it was revealed that in each venue she performs in, Cher requires an entirely separate room used for the exclusive purpose of storing her wigs. God save the poor sap that has to assemble that chamber of terror. The only way that gets creepier is if she also requires a walk-in refrigerator to house all of her old faces.

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