Chalk One Up for Art: 5 Incredible 3D Street Chalk Creations

Image Credit John-Morgan
Art has come a long way since the early days of two-dimensional cave paintings, and it wasn’t until the Italian Renaissance that we started to incorporate concepts like perspective into our artistic works. Without thinking about it, when you look at a painting of something that looks three dimensional you are actually seeing the optical illusion of forced perspective. The artist was able to force your mind to believe that what you’re seeing is some sort of depth even though what you’re staring at is a two-dimensional surface.

One of the most amazingly dramatic, and nonetheless enthralling, representations of forced perspective are the works created by 3D sidewalk chalk artists. The following are some of our favorites.

5 Julian Beever’s Snail

Image Credit: Julian Beever

4 Edgar Mueller’s The Crevasse

Image Credit: Edgar Mueller

3 Edgar Mueller’s Lava Burst

Image Credit: Edgar Mueller

2 Planet Street Painting’s Lego Terracotta Warriors

Image Credit: Planet Street Painting

1 3D Joe and Max’s Reebok Crossfit Canyon (World Record)

Image Credit: 3D Joe and Max

Watch the making of:

I wonder if any of these chalk designs found their way into the 5 Most Odd Things Spotted on Google Maps?

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  1. The giant snail one wasnt funny. Where I come from giant, carnivorous, snails are a real problem that has stopped my country from moving ahead to its rightful place in the world.

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